4 Key Benefits using a Perth Airbnb Manager

With a growing percentage of travellers opting to book an Airbnb or short term rental property, rather than a hotel, the time to explore your options as a property owner has never been better. Short term rentals have proven to provide greater returns and optimal flexibility compared to that of traditional leasing means. Some choose to manage their own listings, whilst others decide to outsource, but what is the right option for you?

In our eyes, the 4 key benefits of utilising an experienced property manager are as follows

1. Outsourcing minimises stress
Managing your own property can prove to be extremely stressful. Factor in your own life/work and you become swamped with a never ending list of tasks to complete.

2. Cross promotion between other listings
An experienced property manager will manage other listings. This will allow the opportunity to cross promote with other similar listings that are unavailable in order to increase occupancy rates.

3. Optimised marketing
Standing out above the crowd is pivotal in any industry. The difference in earnings when it comes to highlighting your property can essentially be night and day.

4. Industry Knowledge
Airbnb and short term rentals have only relatively recently disrupted the accommodation industry. It can be quite daunting entering a new venture. Having a manager with experience in the new industry can prove to be a massive advantage over similar listings.

At Ventured Ahead we go the extra mile for both clients and guests alike. Managing listings over the years have given us valuable insights and understandings that would likely be overlooked by most.

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